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We are highly skilled
creators & developers

Meet us, ADevIndustries, the team of app developers aiming to be the best in building a complete digital solution that is able to disrupt the app market.

50+ strategists, masterminds, developers, and designers work hand in hand, all guided by our values and mission to become the most valued development partner for both startups and scaleups.


We have been over ten years in building software products and love it. Doing what you love for a living is wonderful, and we don’t take it for granted. Being passionate about what we do means we put our heart into it. We come with some strong opinions, but being professional and practical means that our passion motivates us. It never distracts from what we want most: a successful outcome.

Our Team

James Li White Black.png

James Li


Yuriy Oksamytny Black.png

Yuriy Oksamytny



Nick B.


Dennis Van Basten Black copy.png

Dennis Van Basten

Lead Developer

Daniel Badger.png

Daniel Badger

Lead Developer

Marvin Estime.png

Marvin E. Rodriguez

Project Manager

At ADevIndustries, we strive for having a no organizational hierarchy, and we're flexible about the roles.
If a web developer wants to learn mobile development, or a designer wants to learn web development - we encourage that.

The company mostly consists of developers but we focus on good looking products, so you'll see that even the developers might be included in the design phase - we actually encourage that.

We are looking for new team members interested? 

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